The murdered bride

Pat told me this story she watched from TV, and got me interested so I researched a bit more on the internet.  It is a case about an Indian girl murdered by her wealth family for marrying a poor guy in order to preserve the honor of the family.  This kind of things happen in India almost everyday, it should not be news worthy except as a drop of water in the sea of statistics.  The interesting thing about this case is the poor girl is Canadian and her family is living in BC.  The family hire killers in India to murder their own daughter.  The Indian police has pretty good evidence of this murder case, however because of international law, the Canadian police cannot do anything about them.  Instead of going to jail, the murder are simpily walk free.  This case exploit a serious loop hole in our legal system.  It is definitely illegal to hire a Canadian killer to murder someone in Canada.  However, if the murder is take place outside of Canada and the killer is hired there locally, you cannot be convicted.  What a perfect murder!  This case also exploit the failure in Canada’s multi-culturalism policy.  Killing disgracful daughter is acceptable in some Indian culture, which is morally wrong.  Immoral acts should not be tolerated in the name of repsecting cultural or religion difference.  Canada should change its policy from multi-culturalism to meta-culturalism.  Immgrants are only allow to maintian the parts in their culture that is compatiable with the meta-cultural of Canada.  Through education and legistrations, the cultural aspects, such as killing dishonour daughter, carrying knifes around, wearing viel, not eating pork, etc, that are incompatiable with secular liberal world view should be gradually eliminated.

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  1. Mr. Hevangel,
    Yeah, interesting news item. We think justice is served by punishing those nasty parents because we think the parents goofed. However, the parents think justice was served by killing the girl because they think the girl goofed. There seems to be two conflicting viewpoints of what justice is. Who’s definition of justice is right? Our view or the parents’ view?

  2. Moral relativism is not my cup of tea. I believe there is objective prove for moral theory should include basic human rights most western civilization agree on. Just need time to work out the prove ground up from basic principles.

  3. 此君思想實在混亂,殺人涉及的是侵犯了最基本的人權,豈能和其化文化特質,例如不吃肉,混為一談,難得如此不知所謂的言論,還有人稱為有趣。一丘之貉。

  4. Cultural killing is irrational, not eating pork is also irrational. Culturally speaking, both share the same uncivilized nature in their respective culture.

  5. When I first heard about this real story, it really broke my heart – this girl named Jassi, was murdered when she was 25. If she is still alive, she is probably a mother to a very happy family – with her husband who loves her and beautiful kids. (myself 25 writing at this moment!)

    Also, although I’m Chinese, I grew up with good friends at school who are Punjab too – well-educated, hard-working, and very down-to-earth. As a matter of fact, India was once occupied by the British – just like Hong Kong – back in the colonial days. Thus, I agree with hevangel – in some ways, looking at the cultural point-of-view, we can draw parallelism. However, I think what is really discussed here is that all of us ARE LOOKING beyond that cultural factor – because LIFE of a human being, how can this tragedy been done?

    I don’t agree that Indians are less educated than so-called ‘Westerners.’ People who live in India may be poorer in social economic status (that’s the reality of life – in this present world, both CHINA and INDIA are developing countries – there is a big gap between the rich and the poor). What I cannot agree is that ‘Westerners’ (or specifically I’m drawing my reasons against Jassi’s mother and uncle for murdering Jassi) – who has the money to move away from India and enjoy the life here in Canada, can use the reason of ‘family disgrace’ to commit this family murder. Doesn’t it sound like stories from Godfather I/II/III (Maffia-type of killing plots)?

    Money can make you rich, but at the same time, can make you poor – at heart.

    Mother Teresa once says (she lived in Calcutta, South part of India), “Love until it hurts.” I couldn’t understand how this means in real life, maybe I can from a Catholic faith point-of-view (as Mother Teresa is a Catholic Sister from Sisters of Charity). But now, with Jassi’s life story, I finally come to learn and understand…

    Jassi’s family has a religious of Sihk. I’m not knowledgable about this faith – however, I do believe that God can only be God, and human beings are not GOD THE ULTIMATE. I wish not to discuss about how the GOD-mother and GOD-uncle should be punished, but rather, how Jassi’s husband can survive… at the present, Jassi’s husband is accused back in India for the conviction of rape. Is the police and the justice system really serving its purpose over there and here in BC?

    There are recent ongoing legal cases in the Chinese culture, like Lai Cheong-Shing and Gao Shan, who involve with the justice systems between China and Canada. In Canada, although this country has been established not over 150 years, there are still many parts of the country that are not fully developed under the constitution of ‘PEACE IN MULTICULTURALISM’ – why? The medical system, the justice system (in this Jassi’s case)… maybe the business and computer sectors – YES! (very indeed) In different countries, they have their OWN RULES.

    I can see that hevangel is trying to pinpoint what Canada is in its CRUCIBLE-STATE – burning through cultural aspects, what’s left is the ‘diamond’ – what all of us, who are human beings, should be obliged to.

    In my point-of-view, arguments are the basic premise to be attacked, but not attack against a person. By the way, I’m speaking up only for Jassi :)!

  6. 你又怎樣才能看得到hevangel的超級自我中心呢?

  7. Not eating pork out of health reason, or simply don’t like the taste of pork is perfectly ok. There is nothing irrational and nothing wrong in the matter of taste. However not eating pork out of religious reason is irrational, since they blindly follow the word of God, take it as turth literally, without examine whether it is really the word of God. This should not be encouraged.

    About 陳冠中, he is not a famous author to general public until his book is chosen as one of the 10 good books, not even known to most people until he start writing books. If you read that book review again, you should see I did some background research about him and his accomplishment.

    Actually, you are committing the same mistake you are accusing me. You are judging me out of your ignorance. You just assuming my points has no arguments, without even asking for one.

    If you don’t think what you beliefs are right, why would you still believe in it? As long as you can change your beliefs when reality kicks in with contradictory evidence, there is no problem thinking your beliefs are right?

  8. 至今你仍要堅稱陳冠中之前是籍籍無名,那也沒什麼,堅持一己之無知當然是一種選擇,而的碓,只要臉皮夠厚及拒絕張開耳目,你就一直能活得自我感覺良好。如此夜郎,那就祝君千祈唔好掌有操控別人命運的大權。

  9. You better read what I wrote again, I didn’t say 陳冠中 is 籍籍無名. He is not well known to the general public is simply a fact. He maybe famous in your small so-called cultural circle, but majority of HK people never heard of him until last year. Maybe you are the one who should open up your mind and face your own ignorance.

  10. Mr. Passer-by: Thanks for the useful comments. Pls don’t attack hevangel anymore.

    Hevangel: Can you stop the marathon argument, my friend?

    Pls don’t take this sad news as a ground for this ongoing side-track argument. I hope that: Respect my reply to this lady and learn from her story! (or else, I won’t leave comments at this site anymore)

    Peace! pat 🙂

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