Badminton lessons

Tonight is the last class for my badminton lessons.  Over the 8 weeks course, I found my badminton skill has improved alot.  I have been playing badminton for years but never learn the proper technics.  I have signed up with the beginner class, although the name is a bit embrassing but it suits my level.  I start learning the very basic of badminton, the focus of the beginner class is only foot work.  The coach is trying to help us build up our body memory so when the birdie comes, we would at once know where to move and position myself to return the serve.  Now, I stay in balance more often in the game and my speed has improved a little bit.  The most useful thing I learnt is linking my moves, after I return the birdie, I can prepare for the next return.  I have signed up for 8 more lessons starting next week.  In the up coming intermediate class, I will learn more about racquet control, so that I can hit the birdie to wherever I want it to go.

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  1. Beginner’s class is good because you can 溫故知新!

    PS. But I like playing tennis and squash better… (more bouncing of the balls – oh yes… bounce, bounce, bounce)

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