End of the ski season

It is time to put away my ski equipment. Summer is coming fast and the weather is already quite warm in mid April. It is also the time to conclude what I have accomplished in this skiing season. I skied 8 times and snowboarded once. I took advantage of the $20 lesson deal offered by Whistler and took lessons to work on moguls. I planned to take the ski instructor level 2 PREP class, but unfortunate the class was canceled. Although I got my ski instructor certification last year, I didn’t do any teaching except give some pointers to my friends for fun. I can now do linking turns on moguls on blue runs, but I still struggle quite a bit on big moguls on black runs. One thing I really need to work on is my endurance. Usually I ski faster than my friends in the morning, able to keep up with them in the afternoon and falling behind in the final run of the day. They have banned me from taking elevator at work, forced to take the stairs to work on my legs. My lag time is improved form 30 minutes 3 months ago to just 5 minutes today. In the summer I got to keep exercising to stay fit, so next year I can keep up with them for the whole day. I didn’t buy any new equipment this year, except a pair of new gloves, since my old one was leaking. I got the CSIA official gloves. My friends joked that it is good to have CSIA logo hiding underneath my jacket sleeves, or I will be a disgrace to association since I fall down so often. I am planning to take the level 2 class next year, so my friends won’t call me the ski instructor who can’t ski.

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