Choice of life style

What is a good life?  I have been asking this question to myself lately.  The definition of good life have different meanings to different people.  Someone want to be rich and powerful, someone want to live simple and humble.  At the end of the day, it comes down to the choice of life style.  It is a known fact that happiness does not correlate with wealth.  The pursuit of wealth may make other parts your life suffers.  But on the other hand, money can fulfill many of your desires.  One way out is to eliminate your wants like a Buddhist monk or convert your desires to intangible spiritual values that comes free like those religious people.  It seems to me forgoing the wish for materials is an adjusted preference that people change their expectation when they realize they can’t achieve their original goal.  Then they justify to themselves why the new goal is better than the old one by looking down on the things they once aspired to.  I am turning middle age and I have done some reality check on myself.  I know I can’t fulfill all my wants, so I have to discard some of them to keep myself in balance.  I have decide what to keep and what to let go yet.  But one thing is for sure, I won’t look down on the things I once like.  I sacrifice some goals to archive some other goals.  I should happy for those who can do what I can’t fulfill.  The things I would look down on is those that I never had and never will have interest.

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