TV commercials

Normally, people hate watching TV commercials.  They will avoid watching commercials by pressing the fast forward button in recorded programs, change channels or go to the washroom in live programs.  I can’t believe I watched nothing but commercials for almost half an hour today.  I haven’t watched Hong Kong TV commercials for a long time.  Although I watch TV programs from HK quite frequently, those program are usually commercial free.  I am curious how the TV commercials in HK look like nowadays and what are the differences with those here in Canada.  I downloaded a collection of HK TV commercials and watched it half-heartly this afternoon.  Actually I am quite disappointed, out of the hundred or so commercials I watched, there are only a few good ones with a sense of humor or with artistic expression that is  pleasant to watch.  I always thought commercials in HK would be more interesting than those broadcast here.  I guess commercials are just equally boring everywhere.  Some commercials hire celebrities as speak persons, which I found quite this type of commercials often lacks substance and instantly turned me off.  Ok, commercials with showering scenes by famous female stars are exceptions, but I still won’t buy those products because of the stars.  Some commercials trying to be too informative, giving boring useless sales number to the audience so that they can forget in the next second.  There is one clueless commercial featuring Chow Yun Fat with lots of weird visual imageries.  It turns out to be the commercial for the new casino in Macau.  No wonder the advertisement company can make an expensive commercial seems so meaningless, that is exactly the effect they want to archive.  You can’t hard sell gambling in TV commercials.  To my surprise, I found some ancient commercials from my childhood days still on air these days.  The tag line of those commercials are part of the collective memories among people form different generations.  Actually, I am more surprise those products are still in business.  Who wants to by a product running an aging commercial?

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