Bay Area trip

Switching to a new department means ramping up on new technology and new product line.  However, I don’t expect the ramp up would be this steep.  Some one in the Santa Clara office is leaving the company in a month and I am assigned to take over his work.  This means another brain dump trip to the Bay Area.  I will be flying down to Santa Clara for two weeks only after joining the new project team for a week.  I only have next week to get myself familiar on whatever the guy is working on, so that I can ask some more intelligent questions when I am down there the week after.  I can foresee many hours of intensive reading in the next few days.  Actually, I already shoveled the 600 pages SATA standard into my brain in one day.  I wonder how many more pages I can take before my brain explode.

Things gets even more interesting that my cousin is getting marry in 2 weeks.  So during my two weeks stays in Santa Clara, I will fly back to Vancouver on Friday night, go to the wedding, then fly back down on Sunday evening.  If the weekend is not conflict with the wedding, I would rather stay down there and hang out with my old friends.  My boss seems to have no trouble giving me approval to come back for the weekend.  I guess it is cheaper to buy me the ticket than paying me for the hotel, car rental and meals for two extra days.

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