Sea of documents

Those who have worked with me know I love paper documents.  Everytime I transfer to a new project, I will tax the printer heavily by printing every document I may need.  My friends say that I am killing too many tree, and question me why can’t I just read the document on screen.  First of all, I use recycle paper, and the document will go back to the recycling bin when the project is done, so no tree is killed in the process.  Moreover, trees are just like vegetable, you grow them, cut them and then grow them back again.  Using more paper is good for BC economy, which is hugh in the forrestry sector.  Reading on screen can never compare with the convinience reading on paper.  Your eye is much more comfortable reading something real, you highlight the text, mark the paper and comment the document.  You can flip through the pages quickly without waiting the for the screen to reload.  You can carry the paper document around easily and it looks good.  In case you disagree on some certain thing in the document with someone else, you can simply point to the page and settle the dispute.   Paper document carries a mysterious authority that people tends to listen.  It is much harder to convince someone open a document, search for the information to prove them wrong.  Let alone it save you the embrassment if they are actually right.

2 thoughts on “Sea of documents”

  1. wrong assumption. you are still killing trees. trees take at least 10 yrs to grow. so demand is greater than supply. plus it’s not 100% recycled paper, only partial. plus the process of recycling paper wastes water. if you want to guarantee no trees are killed, grow your own forest pls 🙂

  2. Both tree and water are renewable resources, so it wouldn’t hurt mother earth in the long run. On the other hand, reading on screen needs electricity to drive the monitor, which comes from burning fossil fuel. So, reading on paper is actually more eco-friendly.

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