Kidney reality show

This is new a real survivor reality show coming up in Dutch. The players are patients waiting for kidney transplant, the prize is a kidney transplant.  Put it simple, the winner can live and the losers are very likely be dead while waiting for a kidney from the national donor list.  Just like other reality show, the audience will vote off constants one by one.  Just that the audience are not choosing who can will a million dollars but decide who can live.  Some critics say the show is unethical, disrepect human life.  I think it would be a good show, since the players life is on the stake. 

Let’s face the truth, we don’t have enough fresh kidneys for transplant and artifical kidneys is still a few years away.  People will die from kidney malfunction unless we start harvesting kidneys from prisoners.  The question is how to allocate the limited supply of kidneys and save a few lifes.  The current system is on first come first serve basis mixed with somekind of kidney lottery.  Literally, the patients have no control of their fate, they can just wait in line until it is too late or hope being lucky.  We can’t say a system with inderterministic result and no inputs from the patients is fair.  In this contest, the patients take control of their fate into their own hands.  As long as the rule of the game is fair, the allocation of the kidney is also fair.  If  you are the patient, which way do you prefer to get your new kidney, sit back waiting for luck or strive you best to win your life?

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  1. Horace, you may have some misconception about the kidney allocation process. The sickest, the most compatible person (less risk of rejection) often gets the kidney first. Time on the list is also a factor. It’s not a random or lottery-like process.

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