Lasalle reunion

I love travelling to the Bay Area.  I have a number of best friends from LSC living here.  When I come down here, I usual travel in a very short notice.  They break their daily routine and drive all the way to have dinner with me.  I feel reliefed and can talk without holding back with this group of friends.  We talk about all sorts of thing, any topic that we can think of.  That makes sitting through all those boring meeting for the whole week worthwhile.

After dinner, I have a long chat with my best friend.  He knows me really well, he senses my problems and try to give me some good advice.  Just like most people working in my company, my career is merely gliding.  Actually, the company itself is gliding.  I can’t find  my direction in life.  He is quite a different person than me.  His career goal is to become a VP or even a CEO and I think he will achive his goal, provided where he is right now.  To a certain extend, he don’t have to worry the same kind of mundane stuff in my consideration, so his choice is easier.  I want to blame my problem on the matter of luck, but I know I share part of the blame.  My friend gave me encouragement and motiviate me to take actions.  I feel more energetic and hopeful talking to him everytime.  Now, I just have to answer the question, what do I really want and start running.  Put it in another word, what is my meaning of life?

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