Lucky draw

Normally, I don’t have luck in lucky draws.  I guess the stars must be right, I am the monthly winner of gift pack from Waterloo Alumni for updating my contact information.  I got an email notified me I had won the winner of June.  I totally forget about it until I recieve a call from the post office to pick up the package.  I won a backpack, a baseball cap, a keychain, a water bottle, note pad and an useless sticker, all of them come with the Waterloo logo.  The backpack is really nice, with comfortable shoulder padding, lots of compartments, clip on cell phone bag and a special pocket to store iPod, which leave an opening for the headphone.  Well, statistically speaking, no winning any prize in lucky draw is the norm, winning is the exception.  The only way to increase of your chance of winning is to enter more lucky draws.  Therefore, I update my contact information in the alumni website again right away, hope to win another gift pack next month.

4 thoughts on “Lucky draw”

  1. Perhaps I should do that too. Once they know your contact information, they’ll start calling you for donation 🙂

  2. hehehe… lucky guy 🙂

    (this month is our lucky draw time! i still dunno what to do with mine…)

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