Guns and Ammo Magazine

Finally, I am able to find some firearm magazine in Save On Food, thanks to the tips from Jackson.  I am too cheap to buy an issue, so I just stand there and read all four firearm magazine they have.  What interest me is not only the articles, but also the advertisement.  Too bad that those magazine are published in the States, many firearms in the magazines are prohibited in Canada.  Out of the four magazines, one magazine focus on hunting and rifle guns.  I want to try hunting at least once, but I am not a very outdoor person, and I don’t know how to dispose the moose even if shot one.  Another magazine is targeted  law enforcement readers.  It has police stories and review on various police equipment.  Another one is focus on ammunitions, talk about how to reload cartages yourself, the ballistic of different bands of bullets, etc.  There is only one firearm magazine for general reader, the Guns and Ammo Magazine.  It has product review, columns, history of classic firearms, shooting and cleaning tips and lots of advertisements, a perfect firearm guide for beginner.  Even better is that the magazine publishes all its articles on their website.  It like hitting a treasure chest of firearm knowledge.  I have learned operating theory of firearms from the safety course, now I need to get familiar with different bands of gun manufacturers and gun models.  Just like people need to get some fashion sense to buy decent clothes, a self respectable gun owner should acquire some firearm sense.

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