There are some cost you cannot avoid, going to optometrist is one of those.  I wanted to get a pair of new glasses.  Not because I can’t see clearly with my old glasses, but rather want to get a new look.  I thought my original sight prescription is still OK, so I didn’t bother to visit an optometrist before buying glasses.  When I pick my glasses, I let the shop did sight test for my new glasses. When I pick up the new glasses, I find my vision of my left eye is kinda funny, like looking through magnify glasses.  I have the shop change the lens but the sight is equally bad.  The sales said I have a lazy eye, but that doesn’t sound right to me, I am fine with my old glasses.  So I figure it is time to seek professional help from an optometrist and do a full eye exam.  It turn out the result of the sight test is away off.  My eyes are quite health, but the left lens is +1.0 more than it should be.  That’s why I am seeing funny vision and thought something is wrong with my left eye.  The moral of this story: 1. Never trust any sales person. 2.  You can’t cheap out all the time.  If the money is ought to spend, then you have to spend the money.

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