Periodic Table vs The Four Basic Elements

Periodic Table vs 4 elements

When I was searching for the periodic table of visualization methods, I came across this interesting poster. It mocks the debate between Evolution and Creationism. Almost everyone, except a some Christians, knows life evolutes and human is evoluted from some form of pre-historical apes. Those Christians insist on literal word by word interpretation of the Bible, they claim that God really created the world in 6 days, 144 hours. It is not a big deal if they keep their silly idea within their church. Everyone has the freedom of thought to believe whatever stupid ideas.

In 2005, a group of Christians in Cobb County Georgia sues the public school board, trying to force the Biology teachers teach creationism as an alternative theory to Evolution. We all know creationism is not science, it is just a myth.  At best it is an interesting story with some moral teaching.  What a perfect analogy comparing Periodic Tables vs the 4 Elements to Evolution vs Creationism!  Maybe those Christian should also force Chemistry teachers teaching the 4 Elements as an alternative theory to Periodic Table.  The Bible didn’t say anything about the Periodic Table after all.

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  1. I heard a Christian friend of mine arguing that evolution does not exist. His argument was, ‘Just think! If you think harder you know it does not exist!’
    Guessed whether I was convinced by his argument.

  2. Whatever happened to Science being about scepticsm? You don’t necessarily have to subscribe to creationism in six days to realise how potentially flawed evolution is as a theory. The sad thing is the extent to which everyone believes that everyone else has proved it, when nobody has. As a result, evolution has now become a religion in its own right, based upon faith and not facts.

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