Miracle of Jesus

It is a true story from my friend.

Once upon a time (i.e. few years ago) I went to Spain with two friends.  When we arrived the hotel the first night we met this weird hotel staff at the lobby whose name tag told us his name was Jesus.  I was thinking what a name, see whether you can perform a miracle in front of us.  My friends were laughing quite inappropriately, as you would if you were in Spain seeing Jesus in front of your eyes.

We were just talking in the lift whether there is a naked girl waiting for us in the hotel room.  As soon as I opened the door, a girl covered in bed sheet just sat up and spoke in a foreign tongue which I don’t understand, but from the tone of her voice she was really scared.

The miracle was indeed performed by Jesus.

He gave us the bloody wrong keys of someone else’s room.

Thanks, Wally.  This is really a funny joke.  Hope you don’t mind I am sharing it in my blog.

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