Golf Tournament

Nothing beats playing golf in a Friday afternoon with free beer during office hour and still get paid. Today is the annual PMC golf tournament. We took the afternoon off from the office to tee of in West Wood Plateau Academy. It is a 9 holes half course. I don’t remember when was the last time I played on the green. The view of the golf course is fantastic. It locates on top of the Coquitlam mountain, overlooking Vancouver. Golfing is a relaxing sport. You can enjoy the greenery and chat with friends in the same group. My golfing skill sucks, so I won’t mention my total par number. Some holes has a river running across the fairway, which costs me losing 5 balls.

The secretary is not playing golf, she drive a golf cart around with an icebox loaded with beer. It took us 3 hours to finish 9 holes. Golfing is not a very active sport, it seems won’t burn you much calories. However we have some good exercise walking the 9 holes and carrying the golf bag. I was quite tired on the last 2 holes after the long walk. I couldn’t stay focus and hit quite bad. After the tournament, we have buffet dinner at the club house. The food is not very great, but it seems very taste to a hungry man walking for 3 hours. What a wonderful day!

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