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Joining a book club is one of the best way to force yourself to finish a book, especially those difficult to read non-fictions not writing with the general public in mind.  It is like taking a distant course with weekly assigned readings and follow up discussion.  Fellow book club members makes you feel good that you are not reading alone.  The book club reads only one or two chapters each week.   The pace is just right, not too fast nor not too slow, or you won’t have time to absorb the materials.  You can’t read too many pages of those non-fiction difficult title in one sitting anyways or you will start falling asleep.  Reading with a book club gives you discipline to actually finish the book.

I joined a book club starting in the summer, reading “A History of Christian Thoughts” by Paul Tillich.  Then I joined another book club reading the Philosophy of Law starting September.  Both book clubs are really good, the books I am reading are very interesting.  The only problem is I think I am too greedy. Catching up with the reading takes quite some amount of time every week.  I don’t think I can handle two reading club at the same time.  Maybe I should consider dropping one book club.

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