Mid Autumn Festival

Today is the mid autumn festival.  In Chinese tradition, people suppose to look up the sky tonight and adore the roundness of the moon.  To me, today is just a normal work day and then have some church function in the evening.  I am not even aware it is the day of mid-autumn festival until Pat gave me a moon cake.  I didn’t bother to raise my head and check out the moon, since the shape of the moon is none of my concern.

A traditional festival loses its meaning if it doesn’t come with a holiday.  When the meaning is hollowed out, people will move on and slowly forget the festival.  The festival may has some symbolic in the past, but in the this post-modern world anyone can associate any meaning to any symbol or associate any symbol to any day.  Mid-autumn symbolizes thinking about far way family members in the past.  Now you can simply call them up to say hello at any time.  You can make any day carry the same meaning of the  mid-autumn festival.  The traditional festival has lost its meaning, what’s left in a festival is just an excuse to give us a day off to enjoy ourself.

One thought on “Mid Autumn Festival”

  1. Well, autumn solstice will always be ‘autumn solstice’ – whether you pay attention to it or not, this ain’t gonna change ;p

    I’ve learnt from work that other cultures also celebrate ‘autumn solstice’! If we are Chinese, we’d better uplift our Chinese tradition and live it – with good mooncakes and nice family dinner.

    Next time, please say hello to the full-moon 🙂

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