Holux 240

I wanted a GPS for quite some time.  I have been looking  for one since I bought my Treo.  I installed map software to my Treo, I only need a bluetooth GPS to have a complete GPS navigation system.  I wanted a GPS that looks cool, I don’t want something that is bulky and ugly.  The Holux GPSlim 240 fits my requirement perfectly.  It is just about the size of a pack of gum, you can even wear it like a necklace.  It use the same GPS chip set as its bigger brothers, which I tired with a borrowed unit from my friend, so I know the reception is good.

Holux recently released new generation of GPS devices using a new chipset, so they are cutting the price of their previous generation product.  Although the new GPS tracks more satellites and have longer battery life, it is also more expensive.  I figure the Holux 240 is enough for my needs, so I bid for a cheap one on ebay.  I tried the GPS with my Treo today, it works perfect.  The map keeps track of my position and provides voice navigate telling me when to turn left or turn right.  I just need to find something to hold my Treo in my car, so that I can see the map while driving.  Now with my new GPS, Pat cannot complain I don’t know the way because I will never get lost.

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