Mind Mapper

mind map

Mind map is a way to visualize the ideas inside your mind.  Creating a mind map helps you understand your thought.  Complex concept inside your mind can be broken down into less complex concepts, in return broken down into simpler concepts.  When you are thinking, you are really building a hierarchy of concepts in a radiate structure with  inter-connecting relationships.  Making a mind map is recommended by Toastmaster to help you prepare your speech.

Mind Mapper is a software designs specifically to draw a mind mapper.  Until programs represent data in linear fashion such as Microsoft Word, Mind Mapper let uses plan his work using a brain-friendly method.  You can write down you ideas without worrying the framework or classification of your work.  The graphics or texts representing your ideas can be link and shuffle around easily at will.  Mind Mapper is a very good productivity tool to help you walk thought your thinking process.  The software is very powerful, even too powerful for planning a small mind mapper.  Nothing beats the ease of use and convenience of old fashion pen and paper.  However, if your mind changes a lot, so you end up drawing lines linking up items a lot.  Or if you want to present your concept using a mind map to the audience, so they will understanding of your concept, Mind Mapper is the perfect tool for the jobs.

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