Infinite popping bubble wrap

mugen puchi puchi

Who don’t like popping bubble wrap?   Every time I see a bubble wrap, I can’t resist the temptation to pop a few bubbles.  Pressing hard on the small pocket of air sandwiched between two thin sheet of plastic.  You can feel the bubble pop under your fingers and hear a pop sound.  Somehow popping bubble wrap just gives a sense of satisfaction.  The only problem is once you have popped the bubble, the bubble is gone.  Eventually you will run out of bubble and have to throw away the now bubble-less wrap.

From the making of tamagotchi,  Bandai brings you the mugen puchi puchi (infinite pop pop in English).  It is a small keychain device with 8 bubbles on one side.  You can pop it just like a bubble wrap.  According to the news, it feels like a bubble wrap, it sounds like a bubble wrap and you can pop it infinite times.  So you can have a virtual bubble wrap anywhere, anytime.  I really admire the creativity of the Japanese.  They are able to come up with some totally useless things, yet loved by everyone.  I think it is a perfect stress reliever.  If it is not too expensive, I will probably get one when I go back to HK in X’mas.

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  1. Hey hey… this is such a GREAT idea!!!!

    I need a couple for my work too. I’ll tell you why later 🙂 Keep this in mind for me~~

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