Coconut Vitasoy

Coconut Vitasoy I love Vitasoy.  It is my favorite drink since I was a little kid.  Soya milk is healthier than soft drink and it taste good.  Over the years, Vitasoy has grown from having only two favors, the original and malt, to over a dozen of favors.  When I was doing my grocery shopping, I saw the new coconut flavor Vistasoy in supermarket.  I decided to buy a pack and give it a try.  I think the coconut Vitasoy is too sweet.  The coconut favor doesn’t taste quite natural, it seems come from artificial favor.  I will stick with the original or the malt favor Vitasoy.  Just like Coca-cola, the original Vitasoy always taste the best.  People drinking Vitasoy not because they want to stimulate their taste bub.  On contrary, they just want to recall the familiar taste, nothing less, nothing more.

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