.22 competition

I entered the .22 competition at my shooting club last week. I have to shoot 3 sets of 10 rounds from 20 yards in prone position, kneeling position and standing position respectively. The highest score is 300 rings, 100 rings for each target sheet. A ring the unit to count how many points you get in shooting. There are 5 bullseye circles on the target sheet and I have to put 2 rounds into each circle. The center circle counts as 10 rings, the next round of circle is 9 rings, 8 rings and 7 rings. You don’t have any point lower than 7 rings, because you are not hitting any circles on the target.

I got 97 rings in prone position, 82 rings in kneeling position and only 72 rings in standing position. It is easiest to shoot laying down since you have support for both arms. It is hardest to shoot off hand standing, since you really have to have a stable hands. The first shooter got 295 rings, which means he hit the bullseye almost every time he fired a round. As expected, I came last in the competition, but I am not too far behind from the 2nd last place.

Shooting competition is fun, it tells me how well I shoot. I can see my effort from my practice since September. Nervousness in the competition affect my results. However I found the experience shooting in the competition helps me shoot better. My best score so far is 98 rings in prone and 85 rings standing. My goal is archive 100 rings in prone and over 90 rings standing. If I can score my goal constantly, I can put down the .22 rifle and start practicing handgun. I can only learn how to shoot one step at a time. It won’t work very well if I try to learn everything at the same time.

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