Harlem Globetrotter

Harlem Globetrotter

Today, I went to watch a game of Harlem Globetrotter, the famous comedian basketball team.  Pat got two free tickets from her school for seats far away, but the stadium is only half full, so we moved down to the first row to get a closer look.  The show is really fun for the children and adults alike.  It is more like a staged comedy than a real basketball game.  The Harlem is playing against Washington Globe, which is a fake basket team that is part of the Harlem tour.   It is a very close game, the two teams always have tie their score to keep the game interesting.  Obviously, Harlem won at the end with a slight lead.

There are lots of funny basketball move and tricks never appears in NBA games, such as shoot the ball with their heads, their trade mark fancy slam dunk, pull down the pants of other players, pull an audience into the court in middle of the game, throw pop corn, water bottle, and water bucket all over the court.  One of my favorite move is the player stuff the ball inside his own jersey.  There is another good one.  A Harlem player somehow get a handbag from the audience, then he stole the ball from the other player and gave him the handbag in exchange.  It is really funny see the player holding a basket in one second and swapped with a handbag the next second.

The show is very entertaining and full of laughters.  However I think a 2.5 hours show is a too long.  There are some boring time in the middle of the game.  The Harlem has to repeat their tricks from time to time.  It would be just right if the show is condensed into 1 hour.  When I watched Harlem’s on TV, they only show clips last 10-15 minutes.  No wondering Harlem on TV is much more exciting and action packed.

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  1. Hey hey… I have also brought you to see ‘Gentlemen of the Fortune’ (Christmas music performance), but you didn’t write it down here… *weep weep*

    Singing is also a manly thing! It is nurturing to the soul.

    Sporting is good too – the Harlem was AWESOME!!! I think that the kids and their parents enjoyed the show a lot 🙂 Afterall, it is a place to laugh, act silly, and scream too!!

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