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Parting with my toys

I have been collecting toys for many years. Over the years I bought boxes after boxes of toys and I end up having two display cabinet full of toys at home. It is time to part with them, some of them. There are a few reasons driving to say goodbye to my beloved toys.

First, I am getting marry, move on to the next stage of life. Pat always complain it is too boyish for a middle age man to buy toys. I do not dispute this claim, buying toys is indeed a boyish behavior. It is a treat for the child in my heart. I agree that I should cut back on my toy consumption.

Second, I am running out of display place. Both of my display cabinets are full. I have to free up space for new toys. I don’t want to merely putting the toys in storage. Toys are collectibles made for display. If you don’t display them, you are really owning them. One way or the other, why not sell them to recoup some cash.

Third, I am a perfectionist in toy collection. If I collect a toy, I would collect the complete series. I am an all or none person. If I couldn’t get the complete series, or at least a “complete collection” using my hard to describe definition, I would rather no getting any at all. My preference changes over time. A series may start off with some very decent toys, but later on the quality deteriorate so much that I have to drop the series. There is no point to keep just the first few toys in the series.

Forth, toys, especially die-cast toys do not depreciate much. I can sell them on ebay very close to the price I pay for a few years ago. Basically, I payed the shipping and have them displayed in my cabinet for free for the mean time. Toy in a seal box not only will not depreciate, the price could actually go up quite a bit depending on the supply and demand. Too bad that I don’t like keeping the toys in the boxes. When I buy a toy, I want to take it out, feel it and display it. Toys are not an investment after all. It would be silly to buy toys and wait for the price to go up. The market prince for the most “profitable” toy I have went up 3 times. I am seriously thinking whether or not I should sell it and take the profit.

Gundams One Year War Mobile Suites / Rx-78-2 vs MS-06S

img_0842.JPG Z Gundam MS / Evangelion

img_0843.JPG UC MS /Gundam Seed Destiny / Char’s Counter Attack

img_0844.JPG UC MSV / Macross GBP / Transformers

img_0851.JPG Macross: VF-1A Angel Bird, VF-1A Super / VE-1, VF-0A, SDF-1, VF-1A CF

img_0852.JPG Macross: VF-1S, SV-51, YF-19, VF-0S / VF-1A Low Vis

img_0853.JPG Macross: YF-19, VF-11, YF-22 / VF-1J Stealth, VF-1A Max

img_0854.JPG Macross: VF-1A Woodands, VB-1 / VT-1, VF-1D, VF-1A CF

img_0855.JPG Macross: VF-1J vs VF-1S / Skull Team

img_0856.JPG Macross : Max vs Milia

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