Skiing season begins

Today, I went to Whistler to start my skiing season.  I am horribly out of shape.  After the first run, I already felt my adductor muscle stiffed up and stressed out.  It is really cold and windy today.  The Peak Chair and the Harmony Chair is closed due to strong wind.  It is chilling riding on the chair lift.  The cold wind blow so hard that it seems like freeze up my face.  My face can’t feel anything when I am up in the chair.  When we were riding the gondola in the afternoon, the wind was so strong that the gondola has to stop for 5 minutes, wait until the wind died down before keep moving.  The gondola was swinging back and forth in mid air.  I can’t imagine what if we were stuck when riding chair lift instead of the gondola, probably we will freeze into an icetude.  Somehow the wind is so strong that it sucked the gondola door half open.  Luckily the gondola is quite empty so no one is leaning against the door.  The snow condition is pretty good today, we have lots of fresh snow, but the weather is pretty bad, in the afternoon, we have almost zero visibility.  Well… we  got some free lift tickets, so it is essentially free today.  Since we are not paying, our mind works differently.  We don’t have squeeze as many runs as possible to get the most worth of the ticket, we can take it easy and ski down relaxingly.

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