Home sweet home

After 11 hours of flight, finally I am back to Vancouver, finishing my two and a half weeks HK trip.  I guess I am not compatible with HK.  I have been coughing and have running nose for the whole trip.  It must be due to the heavily polluted environment of HK.  HK is too crowded everywhere, full of people and noise.  I have a sensory overload for the first few days.  It took me a while learn to filter out the background noise.  HK suppose to be a fun city, but I already passed the age to have fun.  I visited many places during my trip, checked out the city, new mega-malls, country side, so-called tourist attractions.  Out of all the places, the most beautiful place is Tsuang Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery.  It is quiet, with ocean breeze and seaside views.  I won’t mind having a house in the land of the cemetery.  It is such a waste letting dead people take over this prime location.

My cousins are visiting HK around the same time.  So this trip is also a family gathering.  I am surprise to see how big my cousins becomes.  For the first 2 weeks of the trip, I am staying with Pat at her friend’s place.  It is pretty good since they have a guest room.  After Pat flew back to Vancouver, I moved back to live with my grand parents.  Their place is pretty small, I have to sleep on the couch.  My grandpa wake up at 5a.m. every morning, so I was woke up 5a.m. everyday as well.  Luckily I cam fall back asleep for another 2 hours once he left for exercise.  I have been sleeping in sleeping bag for the whole trip, I really miss my own bed.  It is time to sleep and have a sweet dream.

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