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I don’t know it is lucky or unlucky, I am drafted by my manager to service in the India tour of duty.  I will be going to Bangalore in the name of being a technical expert for 2 months.  The excuse on the surface is knowledge transfer so the Indian team will learn the Canadian way chip design.  The real motivation is the manager want us to keep an eye on the Indian guys, so they will deliver their assignment on time.  I have no idea what is my role in the assignment, but it is quite likely I will be in exile for two months.

Indian is one of the last places on earth I want to visit.  First of all, this country is stupid.  If they are boasting themselves as the outsourcing center of the world.  Why the hell there is so much paper work to get an Indian visa.  All nationality require visa to enter India, it is definitely an measure turn away potential tourist or business.  In the matter of fact, why would anyone from the western country need visa to visit India, it is unlikely we will become illegal immigrate.

Once I heard my India trip, I went to Chapters and bought a India tourist book.  I was hoping there is at least something interesting to see in India.  To my disappointment, I flipped the tourist book cover to cover, I found nothing interesting at all.  India is a very backward country, everywhere is a mess.  Taj Mahal is probably the only thing marginally interesting.  Ok, it is a marble palace, what a great tourist photo spot.  Someone maybe interested to explore the history and culture of Indian.  I have absolutely no interest in learning the Indian culture, which I think is a lesser culture compare to the Western or Chinese culture.  Why would any one interested in such a backward culture that is incompatible with modern world?  India would be a much better place if Alexander the Great successful transform India to Greek culture or one of the Chinese dynasties conquered India.

On the bright side, having some India experience will definitely help my career growth.  Outsourcing to India is a trend in the hi-tech industry after all.

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  1. I think you should use this opportunity to get to know the Indian culture more. Knowing them better help you understand why they are behaving the way they are, get to appreciate them more. Things are usually two-way. I met quite a lot of good Indians.

    BTW, I’ve heard Taj Mahal is quite an experience… I don’t want to turn you off even more… but the place smells! You need to take your shoes off when you enter… I think you get a feel of the kind of smell.

  2. better not let your boss/coworkers/Indian comrades read your blog =P

    You better prepare for super hot food and super hostile hugene environment…going to family doctor and get all the vaccine shots is a good idea. My friend did that before he went to India for similar business purposes in a high-tech graphics card company, and thats his lessons learned.

    Anyway, have fun(after 14hours work there? ha), and take pictures!

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