Happy (St.) Valentine’s Day

February 14 is the Valentine’s Day.  We all know what Valentine’s Day means to the couples.  We all criticize the over commercialization of Valentine’s Day.  I guess not many people car about the origin of Valentine’s Day.  The are quite a few versions, here is the version I like most.  Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine, who is a Catholic priest in ancient Rome.  In his day, Rome is on war and the emperor draft young men into the army and send them to battle field far away.  The emperor forbid marriage so that he can draft more single men to be soldiers.  St. Valentine break the emperor’s order and secretly perform wedding for the young couples.  He is arrested and killed by the emperor, and he became the saint of lovers.    So, Valentine’s Day should be really be St. Valentine’s Day.  It is not merely about boyfriend/girlfriend but about marriage.  Only those couples who are intend to get marry should celebrate this day.

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