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Starting next week, I will spend my next two months working in Bangalore, India.  That would be quite an adventurous trip, since I will be living in a strange place, probably suffer from a cultural shock.  Before I get on the plane and shipped to India, I start doing some research to get myself psychologically prepare for the new city.  The city is in the southern part of India.  It suppose to be the high tech capital of India, people call it Indian’s silicon valley.  I will tell you how does it compare to San Jose when I get there.

I will be staying in the company rented service apartment inside the city, which is the green dot on the map.  The India office is located in Electronic City, the lower right corner in the map.  The distance is about 10 km directly connected by Hwy 7.  I heard it takes takes 30-45 minutes to travel this 10 km in the morning.  My boss keep saying the service apartment is a pleasant stay.  I found a photo from the net, it looks quite decent from the outside.  We’ll see how it looks from inside.

Prestige Acropolis

I also did some search on Catholic church in Bangalore.  I plan to attend mass every week.  I think doing something that I am familiar with will give me comfort living in a strange place.  The archdiocese of Bangalore is quite big, it has over 20 churches around the city.  I still have to find the one closest to where I live.  The cathedral in downtown is called Saint Francis Xavier, it has the same same name as the church in Chinatown Vancouver.

Only two more days.  I am start getting nervous.  I guess I should focus on packing my stuff and bring enough supply to last 2 months.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Bangalore”

  1. I found your blog by random and just want to say hi!
    really enjoy reading ur blog though it is all about daily scribble.
    I have read some articles about Bangalore before and it is an very interesting city.
    Wish u have good days in Bangalore India for the next 2 months:)

  2. 小心啲啦! 最緊要帶定啲頭暈身興同腸胃不適止呵嘔肚痛嘅藥以作不時之需. Keep us updates for your trip in India, don’t become a 咖哩人 when you back.

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