Holy Cow

Holy Cow

India is famous for the scared cows roaming around in the city.  You see cows everywhere, along the road site, next to parked cars, even in the middle of the busiest intersection.  Cow is considered holy in the Hindu religion, so killing of cow is forbidden in India.  You don’t find beef in the menu of Indian restaurants.  To a beef lover like me, I could never understand why the Hindus would make a tasty animal being holy.

Actually I asked the question why cow is holy in Hindu to my Indian friends.  It seems none of them know the exact answer.  They don’t eat beef simply by following the Hindu tradition without questioning its origin.  I read from Wiki that holy cow may have its origin from the agriculture use of cows.  However, cows are no longer used in modern day farms, maybe we should stripe the holiness of cows and make tractors holy instead.  Another explanation is that cow has some symbolic meaning in Hindu religion.  Since choosing a symbol is kinda arbitary, why can’t they pick some other less tasty animals like shrimp or crab to worship?

Luckily, if you know the right place, you can still enjoy beef in India.  Most western restaurant in big hotels serve beef in their menu.  I just had a tenderloin steak grilled to perfection for dinner last night.  There is an old saying that you are what you eat.  If I eat holy cows, shouldn’t I become holy too?

4 thoughts on “Holy Cow”

  1. 好彩我唔係信印度教, 對於鍾意食嘢嘅我, 牛, 蝦, 蟹通通都係我至愛, 點可以用嚟崇拜呀! But it is funny when you suggest “Holy Shrimp” and “Holy Crab”.

  2. I’d rather having you not eating beef at all – because this is during Lent.

    ‘Abstinence from beef’ is a great idea for our family having this tradition for the 6 Lenten weeks ;p
    Thanks for this entry of blog, Horace 🙂

  3. I’m going to make life a bit easier for you…

    If you really want to eat beef during the Lenten season in the future, I can serve you a dish of ‘curry beef’ – BON APPETITE!


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