Goodbye Bangalore

Tomorrow night, I will be flying home leaving this stinky (literally) city.  This is the end of my first month work assignment in Bangalore.  It is an eye opening experience.  I see many new things and learn to look at the world from a different prespective.  Although I am not interested in any of them in particular.  It is just totally out of my imagination that a whole country or culture can be this screwed up.  My India experience confirms my believes that some culture are indeed better than others.  We can actually measure the evolution progress of different cultures by measuring how advance they are.

Having exposure to oversea outsourcing management is an asset nice to have.  However only time can tell whether it worths sacrificing two months living alone in a strange city away from loved ones.  My main objective is accomplished in the first two weeks of my trip.  The rest of the time, I am just sitting there answering stupid questions.   Ok.  There are a few real questions, but most of the questions are just plain dumb or can easily deal with over the phone or via email.  At the same time I am trying to get my own work done at 50% productivity or less.  I am sure I would be much more efficient staying in Vancouver than in Bangalore.

It seems my life in Bangalore is so pointless than the only highlight of my day is to go out for a  nice dinner.  I am trying out all the expensive restaurants in town.  I bet I have been to more non-Indian restaurants than most local people.  I am already suffering from having Indian food for lunch, I got have some real food for dinner.  I am sure the company had saved a lot of money from outsourcing to India, so I am just helping the company to utilize some of the saving.

Sigh.  I have to come back for another month after two weeks break back home.  Let’s see how can I make my next stay in Bangalore less unpleasant.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Bangalore”

  1. You are going home already? I thought you have been there for only 2-3 weeks. Are you going back to Vancouver or to HK? Thought you said you’ll go to HK.

  2. Horace is having such a bad attitude eh?

    Perhaps next time Horace should work in Africa in the near future 🙂

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