Every night when we come back to the guest house after dinner, we have to de-bug. No, I am not meaning we are so hard working that we are still fixing our code at night. I mean de-bug literally. Since the beginning of this week, we have serious bug problem in the guest house. We are seeing 3 inches big cockroach every night. So far Mark is more popular among the cockroaches, 3 cockroaches have shown up in his room, only one showed up in my room.

The three cockroaches are murdered brutally by Mark. Mark seems to develop a very efficient and fun method to de-bug. First we need an old magazine and a Mag-Lite torch. Mark will use the magazine to play with the cockroach until it flips upside down. Then he will cover the cockroach with the magazine and pound it hard using the handle his torch. After pounding repeatably for 30 to 40 times, we have a very nice minced cockroach and cockroach juice on the marble floor.

Mark brutally murder  Mr. cockroach with his Mag-Lite. Victim number 1

Mark's 2nd victim. Victim number 2

The third victim. Victim number 3
Tonight we tried a different approach. Instead of killing the cockroach on spot, we decided to capture it. Capturing it is much easier than killing it, since if you don’t hit it, it doesn’t run away. You just have to cover it up with a food container and place the lid once it is inside. Now, we have captured a cockroach, but we have no idea what to do with it. There are a few suggestions: from taking it out and pound to its death, to flush it down the toilet, to drop it off from the balcon, to nuke it in the microwave. At the end, we decide to spare its life for another night and leave it on top of the table. I think Mark is thinking about keeping the cockroach as his pet, since he has already named the cockroach, Sammy.

We captured Mr. Cockroach. Sammy the cockroach.

Mark is saying hello to his new pet. Mark is saying hello to Sammy.

7 thoughts on “De-bug”

  1. Hahahahahaaaaa 🙂 😀

    Today, my little piano student showed me his cockroach too – but it is the grow-in-the-water kind. Its original size is about 3 inch too, but it grows into at least double the size after putting it in the water.

    This is just too funny!

    What would Mark do if Sammy gets hungry in the container?

    (The end)

  2. nice shots of ur de-bugging exercise…….i wonder if the next stage of your “approach” is to turn these into deep fried snacks to go with the local brew 😉

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