Some thoughts about the Bangalore trip

I have only one week left in my  Bangalore assignment.  I started days remaining counter on my white board in my cubicle, counting the days that I can go home and see Pat.  I swear I will never come back to this country, unless there is another work assignment with enough incentive.  Staying in India for two months is definitely  over my tolerance level, even with a 2 weeks break back home after the first month.  I think the maximum  duration  to work in India is 3 weeks.  2 weeks is too short, you couldn’t get much done.  3 weeks is just right and you have two weekends in between to do some traveling.

Mark asked me if I can go back in time, whether I still sign up to the Bangalore trip.  I think the first month is very critical.  Knowing the Indian team, ramp them up, get them on the same page as the Canada team will make my life down the road much easier.  However, the second month is a waste of time.  Yes, face to face mentoring is nice to have, but I can do it over the phone with net meeting too.  I don’t have to be physically present in Bangalore.  Face to face meeting is more efficient, but inefficient of traffic in Bangalore and sickness from the pollution out weighted whatever benefit we gain from face to face meeting.  I can do a lot conference calls using the 3 hours I stuck in Bangalore traffic every day.

Having a nice meal after work is the only way to keep my sanity.  I have no choice but the crappy curry at PMC canteen for lunch.  If I have to eat equally crappy curry for dinner as well, I would rather jump in front of a tuck tuck and kill myself.  The real benefit for my 2nd month in Bangalore is the weekend travels.  We planed weekend trip for every weekend.  I have been to lots of places in India and get to see the real India, the beautiful India I would enjoy, instead of the garbage piling India I encounter every day.  It would be too sad if you have to spend your weekend in Bangalore with nothing to do.

So long Bangalore, so long India.  6 days left and counting…

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