Back to civilization

Today I arrived at the Vancouver International Airport and ended my two months exiles in India. I am glad to come back to civilization, breathing in the unpolluted air of British Columbia. It is an eye opening experience. I probably will never go to India as my travel destination. For better or for worse, my perspective to see the world is forever changed. It may take me a few days or maybe a few weeks to consolidate my thoughts about the Indian trip before my ideas show up in my blog.

On my way back from India, I stop over in Hong Kong for 3 days. I managed to get a lot of things done in merely 3 days. Every day is fully packed. On top of seeing my friends and relatives, I even manage to do a little bit shopping and check out the latest Gundam arcade game with an inmersive 180 degree cockpit, the only one outside of Japan.

Unfortunately, my schedule collide with the Olympic torch relay. I had to go to Tsim Sha Tsui on the day of the torch relay and suffer from the traffic mess caused by all the road blocks. I wonder how much money and productivity is lost due to the torch relay. The relay suppose to be full of famous athletes, movie stars and singers, so the delay is tolerable in exchange for an interesting show. However, the relay turns out to be a show of boring old politicians. Can I ask for a refund for the time I lost?

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