It’s heavy

Target sheet

I stayed in India for two months, I didn’t practice my shooting for two months. Today when I go the range again, I found my skill is really rusty. My rifle seems a lot heavier than its weight in my memory. My arm is sored and tried after only one box of ammos. I am struggling to hold the rifle stable to line up the sight with the target. I can see the cross hair wobbling left and right, up and down in my scope. When I am lucky to line up the sight, my trigger finger is way too jerky and pull the rifle off the target. Needless to say, my accuracy is much worse than when I was performing at my peak.

I guess shooting is like playing any other sports, you have to keep practicing to stay fit. I know I still have the muscle memory. I can tell when I do everythings right. It is just my physically weakness prevent me from doing the right thing. I guess more practice is the only way to regain my marksmanship.

Here is an explanation about the photo. If I am in condition, 9 out of the 10 rounds should stay within the 8 ring. Tonight, the holes are all over the place. Sigh!

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