Laminin is just one of the boring protein chemical inside our body. It has four arms allow it bind to other molecules. The three short arms bind to other laminin and the longer arm binds to cells, hence it forms membranes as well as internal organs. In short laminin makes our body holds together, without laminin our body will falls apart.

Sometime I must admire the creativity of evangelicals, they can twist the context of anything just to spread their religion. I saw a youtube video from Louie Gigilo on Laminin today. He claims that it is God’s creation that the protein holds our body together is in the shape of a cross.   In the video, he told a story of his encounter with a biologist who introduce laminin to him. The story itself is pretty good, the setup is quite interesting. Except the background music is really lame and his tone is kinda crappy.

At the end of the story, he showed the audience a drawing of the laminin molecule in the shape of a cross. Well, any molecule with 3 short arms and 1 long arm can be drawn in the shape of a cross. Next, he show the audience a photo of the molecule which does not look like a cross at all, it looks more like a Nazi symbol with the twists at the tip. Somehow the audiences all cheer up and praise Lord for this life miracle.

Louie Gigilo should research a bit more on laminin before he endorse it as an evidence for God. Some drawing of laminin are in the shape of a pitchfork, the symbol of the devil. Photos of lamini come in various shapes, some indeed remotely look like a cross. To me, some shapes look like X-wing fighters, while other look like Tie fighters. Maybe we all have the good side and dark side of the force inside our body constantly fighting each other. This coincidence could explain Jedism must be the true religion.


Lamin photo

Spreading the gospel is fine, but please do it more intelligently. Don’t ashame your fellow Christians. Saying the shape of laminin has significant meaning is like imagining animals from the shape of clouds in the sky. Jesus don’t need this kind of cheesy evidences to persuade his believers. .

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  1. Well, we met in an evangelical camp – didn’t we?

    If there is one chance that you wouldn’t complain, my ears can be more at peace.

    Please don’t overtalk in certain topics for the sake of complaining. Thanks for your cooperation!

  2. NOT COMPLAINING hey man im Garrett Sadler by the way im not complaining just tellin u about me i live in the vill in texas and i just wanted to tell u my story but im gunna make it short cause u dont want anythin too long ill start in 5th grade when my parents got devorced and my dad told me that i was adopeded and a whole lot of stuff dont get me rong i love my dad but i was a little mad that day not noing either of them and it made me more angry inside thinking God would let this happen well later on like a fiew years later when i was 15 i was still angry and stuff and i was looking for everything the world had to offer to make me happpy like drinking sexual imorality and all that stuff people call good and satisfiing well 1 night i was with some what i thought were friends and we were cooler hoppin for beer and well if u dont know what that is its stealing coolers out of trucks to get the beer and whatevers in them well long story short i ran and got a tackle box intsead i no it seems funny which dont get me rong i still laugh about is sometimes but i remember after like 5 minutes after when a cop cot me and my friends and saw it and handcuffed me at 15 put me in the cop car called my mom and made me wait in it for like 2 hours untill she showed well while i was in the car i was just so broken i wasnt drunk dont wory but i was broken inside and i didnt know what i was gunna do with anything and i remember gettin on my face inside that car and preying for Gods forgiveness and to show me what he wants me well later on that year during the summer i was still hanging out with the same people and everything but not doin drugs just everything else the world does to make themselfs happy well i was a christian since i was 9 and God was my savior but i failed to let him become my king well long story short i couldent say 3 words without mumbling them or sweating like craisy and when i let Christ completley take over my life i started being able to and started wanting to for him n0t for myself but to glorify him and i started this bible studdy in my football locker room and it was goin well but the ceniors kept cominin and sometimes they would slap me or somthin and i would have to just shrug it off and keep goin and u know thats when i truly learned when im the weakest thats when im the strongest im gunna leave u with a verse that has changed my life im not trying to change ur mind im just telling my story u no the church today is realy being turned against eachother in almost every way but when u can look past that there r genuinly want to glorify God through what they do here is a verse that Jesus has laid on my heart for my whole life James 1:2-4 consider it pure joy my brothers when you are faced with trials of many kinds for you kno that the testing of your faith develops perserverance and perserverance must finish its work so that you may become mature and complete not lacking of anything. also look at 2nd chorinthians 6:3-13 ILLL BE PREYING FOR YOU


  3. I’m a Christian physician who teaches on Creation Science and Family/Marriage life.

    I must agree with the writer.

    I have more than enough proof of the glory and grace of Christ in my own life, and living proof of new life in Him, without straining at such hype.

    I had actually made the point recently that, “what are we going to do when laminin is shown 3-dimensionally to look like a dragon with wings, or something similar . . .?”

    Life is in the Word, not vice-versa.

    Thanks for pointing out a weak argument. But remember that “if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. And, “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    Dr. Spann

  4. For one to ignore the existence of a Creator (God) is to ignore the basic principles of “design”: The art or action on conceiving and producing something from matter and not from nothing. Only God can create something from nothing.

    To ignore God is to be in both physical and spiritual darkness.

  5. I know this is years too late, but just pointing out that the Louie Giglio talk referenced was the last 5 minutes of an hour long presentation.

    Beleive what you will about Laminim, the criticism about the presentation (Louise’s voice and crowd response etc) is better undestood when you see the whole presentation in context, not just read what you will out of one small part.

  6. its sad that god created all of us and all over, his children are trying to disprove him. Signs dont get more obvius then this, unless our ribcages spellt “god is real”

  7. Oh, for heaven’s sake. Faith is faith. Nature is nature. The Supernatural (or Supranatural) cannot be either proven OR disproven by the Natural. And doesn’t need to be.

    I HATE when gullible, ignorant Christians make us all look like believe-anything-convenient, take-any-silly-coincidence-and-treat-it-like-a-real-miracle idiots. (This reminds me of the nonsense idea that SOME creationists like to cite, that somehow the second law of thermodynamics disproves the possibility of evolution. Ignoramuses!) There is nothing in the natural world that can disprove articles of faith, but also nothing to prove them. Faith is a choice, not a scientific hypothetical.

    There is nothing in faith that is inconsistent with scientific principles (evolution included); faith transcends the natural, but cannot ignore science. The two are distinctly separate.

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