DVC Indoor Range


What is the photo? Toilet? No! It’s DVC Indoor Range, probably the best shooting facility in greater Vancouver. It opened almost half year ago. Out of many reasons, I couldn’t try the range until today. One of the reason is price. When it first open, it was very expensive. $65 for a lane including a rental gun and a box of ammo. Later they introduce the $30 day pass if you bring your own gun. However the price is still over my comfort zone. The range I usually practice at only cost $5 per night. Recently they start special promotion, two for one Wednesday. What a good deal! So me and my shooting buddy decided to try it out tonight.

The shooting range is very close to work, only 15 minutes drives away. The range is housed in a modified warehouse with reinforce steel walls to keep the bullets safe. The building is air conditioned, so the temperature is kept in a comfortable 20 degree. It has 13 lanes. When we were there, the range is empty. We have pretty much a private shooting session in the first hour. The best of all the perks is the auto target return system. You don’t have to wait for everyone finish their shooting and the range office puts on the green light before you can check your target. You can bring the target sheet back to you at the ease of pressing a button. Not more interruptions to halt your fire while waiting for the green light. It is so convenient.

I think I will split my shooting practice between this range and my usual range. The facility in this range is far superior than the other range. However, I will miss the friendly atmosphere in the other range. It is inconvenient to halt your fire every 15 minutes, yet it gives you the time to socialize with your fellow shooters. The new range not only looks like a toilet, the atmosphere actually feels like a toilet. Everyone occupy one stall and busy doing their own business. People are isolated in their personal space with no communication with each other.  The old fashion shooting range maybe less efficient, but it is nice to feel the presence of a community.

DVC Indoor Range

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