Reasons to start a hobby

Today lunch time, one of my friends at work mentions he want to start photography as a new hobby. He was asking some more experienced photographers about which camera he should buy. Photography is a pretty common hobby, I have many friends really into taking photos. Most people pick up photography because they like expressing themselves through the picture or simply fancy about the equipments. This friend has quite an usual reason, he pick up the hobby so he will have common topic with his future father in law, who is really addicted to cameras.

Guy usually use the dad strategy when he is still courting the girl. There is not much incentive to go an extra mile to please the dad after the deal is sealed. I suspect my friend’s claim to have common topics with the dad is just an excuse. He must be really want to get into photography for a long time. Now he find a perfect excuse to get approval from his girlfriend to spend money on new toys.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to start a new hobby in order to have conversation with my father in law. My primary hobby is probably the only activity he shows any interest. If I have a daughter, it would be quite interesting to see my future son in law pick up my hobby. On a second thought, he may still pick up the hobby anyways for another reason, to protect his own safety from a jealous father in law.

4 thoughts on “Reasons to start a hobby”

  1. No, my dad has a broad range of interests:

    Collecting: Chinese jades, Bally shoes, Gold Phile leather works

    Cooking: Especially Indian foods!

    Traveling: He travelled more than me+you+my mom.

    And many other infamous hobbies that I probably won’t disclose herein…

    You only found one because he is just being EASY on you! Again, you think that you’re the SMART ASS in the world – but I’d give you a word of advice – Bon soir, mon cheri! (go check the french dictionary if you don’t get it)

  2. my father in law likes to drink red wine and play golf, i drink, and my wife’s sister’s fiancee has a low double digit handicap, so between the 2 of us we’ve got it covered 🙂

    now i am just hoping that he doesn’t decide to take up something that neither me nor the fiancee like……then we’d have to figure out who’s going to pick that up hahaa

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