CAD$1000 internet bill

My internet bill in India is CAD$1000 for two months.  Yes, it is a one followed by three zeros.  Luckily it’s none of my business, the bill is charged to the company.    The price is really outrageous but I don’t feel sorry for the company, they totally asked for it.  Here is how the story goes.  When I first arrive in India, the guest house has an internet service with unlimited bandwidth and static IP.  It works great except it is a bit pricey, but still much cheaper than $500 per month.  Some idiot in the India office decide to cut cost and switch to ADSL.  The ADSL service is not so great.  There were internet blackout every other day in the beginning and it took them two weeks to fix the problem.  Anyways, in the end the ADSL works, so I can download the latest stuff off BT in India just like I am in Canada.

To my surprise, the company went cheap and subscribed a plan with a low monthly bandwidth quota.  Any bandwidth usage go over the quota limit is 0.8 rupee per MB.  In short, I ended up using 50GB for two months.  It may sound a lot but it is still less than my monthly average in Canada.  Here is the maths for the internet bill: 50000MB x 0.8 rupee / 40 rupee per CAD$ = CAD$1000.  They company should learn their lesson that cost cutting too much will end up paying a lot more at the end.

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  1. ummmm aren’t u worried that ur company may figure out that ur BTing created this extra 1k spend and decide to restrict ur internet usage when u’re there?

    speaking of internet connection, u wouldn’t believe this: the head office of the company i’m with, which is where i’m based, has a 2mb connection to the internet! this from a company with 9 figure turnover…….

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