A sign of the company is in trouble

My company is getting a new CEO. The old CEO does not have any vision, so we actually have some hope that the new CEO will turn the company around. However today I heard some news that make me totally lost my confidence in our new CEO. My source comes from the IT department, they got an direct order from the CEO to upgrade the computers in our company to Vista. The CEO seems to believe using Vista will increase our productivity. I smell there is a sign of trouble in the company. Remember, you heard this from me first.

Never mind the whole XP vs Vista debate about which is a better OS. (The answer is quite evidently obvious.) Why would the CEO care what OS the employees use at all? He should care about our business strategy, concert about our product road map, the morale of the employees, the operating cost etc. What OS to use is the last thing he should worry about. That’s the job of our IT department. Oh well! I guess he probably not aware of most engineers in the company use Windows only to write document, check emails and surf the web. We do our engineering work in Linux! If a CEO lost focus and spent time worrying which OS to use, I don’t think the company will be in a very good shape. Maybe it’s time to sell our stocks.

5 thoughts on “A sign of the company is in trouble”

  1. ummmm maybe he has a buddy who works in corp sales in microsoft, and needs some “reference sites” for corp vista? it could well be that his buddy is in desperate need for some revenue……

    i agree that this doesn’t exactly instill confidence, but i won’t go as far as saying that ur company is in trouble…..wait till he starts rationing toilet paper and teabags, then u’d know u’re in trouble 🙂

  2. Our new CEO’s biggest achievement in his old company, is cut work force by 50% in a few years to make the company briefly profitable then tanked.

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