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Tonight I had dinner with an old friend.  I haven’t seen her since I came back form India, so naturally our conversation is about my Indian adventure.  Unfortunately, I forgot the memory card of my phone at home.  I could not show her my Indian pictures.  I can only share my experience in the fashion way but telling stories. We had a great night with lots of laughters.  This incident make me wonder, which way is the better to share your travel with your friends, telling them stories of simply show them pictures.

Showing picture seems more efficient, a picture worthy a thousand words.  However from my observation, it seems people like to flip through the pictures quickly.  They rarely stop and ask question unless something catch their eyes.  I don’t think just seeing the picture will have a glimsy of the context of the travel experience.  They may only get shallow comments like this is beautiful and that is funny.  Take over the control and flip the pictures according to your pace seems not working too well.  Since in an album, you have a lot of photos between the few photos you have story to tell, the next pictures will draw attention away.  Having some physical albums also has an disadvantage of being interrupted easily.   If you put away your album or photo, you might very well leave the second half of your story never told.

Telling a story is more entertaining.  You can extraggerate the real experience, spice it up a little bit.  You can build up the climax to conclude the fun part of a picture instead of giving it out right away when you flip to the next page.  However, some times you want to have the photos handy to show them something that is hard to believe.  For example, I wish I have the photo of two Indian police patrolling the street holding hands together.  That is something really hard to believe.

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  1. I think you need both. A picture is worth a thousand words is true, if you have already said that thousand words. There’s a reason for taking a photo. There’s something you want to capture specifically. Without you telling what the story behind is, the photo is just a picture without much meaning to a third person. After describing in a thousand words, the picture will help the reader visualize what you are seeing in your mind.

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