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My credit card is a platinum Visa card that requires annual fee.  Through my Visa card, I get free travel insurance up to 15 days, auto rental insurance and road side assistance.  I never used any of those services, so I have no idea how it works.  I search carefully in my bank’s website, it only list the benefits under the credit card program but does not have any detail information.  I called the customer service of my credit card for more information and all I got is 3 telephone number for further inquiry.  I called the number one by one and got all the information I need for my wedding and honeymoon.  Most important of all, I asked the maximum coverage and how the claims work.  It works pretty much the same ways as the travel insurance you purchase from the bank, which costs $72 for two people.  The annual fee of my credit card is only $79, so the free travel insurance already make my card worth its annual fee.  Maybe I should look into the purchase and security warranty when I have time, see how it works to utilize more benefits from my credit card.  I think the bank deliberately not putting the detail information on its website, so that less people would use those benefits.

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  1. Before you are travelling foreign country for vacation, make sure to contact the credit card company to let them know. I heard some people said the credit card company will automatically decline all international purchases for fraud prevention, especiailly Capital One Credit Card. So, just call the customer representative and he will put a travel notification flag on your account.

  2. I just had a business trip to Israel. I called the credit card company to not block any transactions from Israel during my travel. The lady seemed helpful and said, “I’ve put a note to block all transactions during the period you are away.” I then told her again my request wasn’t to deny transactions, but to NOT deny transaction from Israel. I repeated a few times and she still didn’t seem to understand. At the end, I just guided her exactly what words to put in the account note. But I wasn’t sure if she really understood. She kept thinking since I was to go away, there shouldn’t be any transaction in the US. In any case, my transactions in Israel went thought and I am back home.

  3. 客戶服務又叫你另打電話,咁客戶服務做甚麼呢?我最討厭遇上這樣的情形。

  4. Michael:
    When the center is in India, that’s the kind of service you get.
    Wow! You gotta go to Israel! Did you visit Jerusalem?


  5. I was there for just a few days. I was there last year as well and went to visit Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. I didn’t feel like going anywhere this time. I don’t feel comfortable traveling by myself in Israel. My meeting finished 7pm on Thursday and I left 11:50pm the same day.

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