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Visa card

My credit card is a platinum Visa card that requires annual fee.  Through my Visa card, I get free travel insurance up to 15 days, auto rental insurance and road side assistance.  I never used any of those services, so I have no idea how it works.  I search carefully in my bank’s website, it only list the benefits under the credit card program but does not have any detail information.  I called the customer service of my credit card for more information and all I got is 3 telephone number for further inquiry.  I called the number one by one and got all the information I need for my wedding and honeymoon.  Most important of all, I asked the maximum coverage and how the claims work.  It works pretty much the same ways as the travel insurance you purchase from the bank, which costs $72 for two people.  The annual fee of my credit card is only $79, so the free travel insurance already make my card worth its annual fee.  Maybe I should look into the purchase and security warranty when I have time, see how it works to utilize more benefits from my credit card.  I think the bank deliberately not putting the detail information on its website, so that less people would use those benefits.