Old friend

Tonight I met an old friend, we haven’t seen each other for almost 20 years.  It is really wonderful that I am able to dine and chat with her after all these years.  I have dinner with two primary schoolmates tonight.  I keep in touch with one of them regularly but I haven’t seen the other since I graduated.  We spent lots of time catching up with each other, filling in the blanks on the past twenty years.

One good thing about talking to old friend is that they help you understand yourself.  They will tell you stories about yourself that you had long forgotten.  My friend remembers that I like to take the toys apart and put them back together when I am in school.  I guess there were traces that I will be an engineer when I am a little kid.  Another good thing about old friend is you can always make fun of their age.  Age is a woman’s secret.  But you know exactly how old your classmates are, you went to school together!

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