India round 2

This year I really travel a lot.  I went back to HK last Christmas, then I went to India twice in Spring.  I just come back from my honey in Rome and Mediterranean, now I am preparing to go to India again.  I have been kinda expecting to go back to India.  Thing is not going so well with the project.  My Indian guys are not as productivity as we want them to be.  It is just a matter of time before I have to go back and shake thing up.  The boss has just announced a delay, so it is probably the time to go back and get the Indian guys in shape.  Moreover, there are quite a few new hire since I came back, it is always good to know the face of your subordinate.

India still sucks.  No one is really looking forward to go there.  Everyone come back with their version of horror stories.  On the bright side, I only have to go there for 2 weeks.  I had experienced the culture shock, so I can be productive once I get there and overcome the jet lag.  The boss promised me extra bonus last time, but the extra bonus I got is less than my dinner bill in India, so there ain’t much incentive going to India.  I have seen more than enough India from my last trip.  I had already used my Indian quota for the next 10 years.  I am not really excited going there this time.  Whatever have to get done has to get done.  I have to go to India or my work won’t get done.  The only positive thing about this trip is that I can stop over Hong Kong on my way back for a weekend to visit my grandma.

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