Don’t go to Mr. Rent A Car

I rented a BMW convertible at Mr. Rent A Car for my wedding. When I return the car, the rental shop accuse us scratch the bottom of the car and charged me for damage. I should be suspicious when I pick up the car. The guy at the rental counter didn’t inspect the car with me. He just ask me to look for any scratches myself. I thought it is just the usual sloppiness of Chinese rental shop, so I didn’t pay any much attention. I looked at the skirt of the car, but who would aware to check the underside of the car. You can’t really see the scratch unless you get down on the ground. Luckily, I rent the car with my Visa card, which comes with free rental insurance, so I don’t have to pay the damage. Since I don’t have to pay anything, I don’t bother fight hard against the wrongful accusation.

I think the car already has scratch before I pick up the car and the rental company is fully aware of it. They don’t want pay to fix the car themselves and they know I have Visa insurance, so they just blame it on me. If I have to pay out of my own pocket, I will definitely fight hard to prove my innocent. Here are two lessons I learn from this bad car rental experience. First, next time when you pick up the car, ask the rental employee go through the car inspection with you. Ask them check exactly the same things they will check when you return the car. If he missed anything, it is his fault. Second, always use a Visa car with free auto rental insurance. I just receive the refund cheque today!

2 thoughts on “Don’t go to Mr. Rent A Car”

  1. I guess engineers do think things differently…

    It is a moral issue — Mr. Rent-A-Car was accusing the customers for fixing the damages that one did not do! It was like if you could not find proof to defend, then you were automatically guilty! (on our wedding day)

    What the heck is this world going on?
    If I am there (but not Anson), I’ll go ahead to tear down the company by filing my complaints to Business Bureau.

    Honestly, if these people intended to cheat on me (or my husband), please do it on the other day, but not on my perfect wedding day! Bus off – cheap cheaters!!!

  2. Definitely try to stay away if you have other options even if it does cost a little more but trust me it will worth more than dealing with this company. They don’t take customer services seriously, almost feeling like you are in there as a beggar asking for a car. They are not clear of what is being offered unless you ask, so if you do have to go with them, ask all the questions even if you do think it is unnecessary or common sense, better be safe than sorry. Thank you for the reviewers before me, I came prepared to ask all the questions, get the written contract or special terms and conditions.

    They will try to charge extra money for taking the car across the border but we didn’t have any problem at custom even we didn’t pay that extra fee. We had the rental contract, proper insurance, and of course a valid driver license, went well, and indeed, custom didn’t ask any question in regarding to the car.

    Optout of their collision damage as they charge ridiculous amount plus they still charge a fee for using your own, may be calling ahead to get this waived. I didn’t know so I got charge an extra $7 + Tax a day, unreasonable imo.

    Also, there is a daily limit of 250KM even it doesn’t state on their website or the contract, make sure to check into it as well.

    I would never deal with them again, very rude and unprofessional.

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