Age difference

People say love should overcome difference in religion, race, age or even gender. There should be no different in religion and race, since those are artificial difference not compatible with modern society. I am always against homosexuals and spent lots of time research into this topic. But I didn’t give much thoughts on the age differences. I found most people accept love relationship with older man and younger woman, even the man is much older. On the other hand, we think older woman and younger man is pretty gross. I am not talking about a merely a few years of insignificant difference. I am talking about real different, probably separate by at least a generation. Older man and younger woman is acceptable in the norm of our society and history. It is easy to understand why a older man wants a younger woman. What puzzles me is why we treat older woman and younger man differently.

When I know a thirty something woman going out with a early twenty boy, my first reflective impression is yuck. I am visualizing a old woman preying on young boys, kinda like how the witches keep themselves forever young in fantasy novels. I can’t rationalize my feeling towards old woman and young boy, technically it should have no difference from old man and young girl, except the gender is reversed. The only reason I can come up with is on reproduction, young girl is fertile but old woman is not. But that is a pretty weak argument, unless I want to condemn all couples choose not to have kids. I definitely won’t go after an old woman, unless she is super rich like “little sweet sweet” and leave her darling boy a fortune worth a few billion dollars.

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  1. 最近我看到倪震的新聞也覺得o惡心﹐
    試想你年少之時在玩YES CARD,
    到現在那個‘YES CARD 爸爸’對你(或你年紀的朋友)有興趣,

    現在我有朋友的男友也是相對年小﹐ 結了婚也有。
    這個議題也是出現了很久 — 九十年代尾不斷有成功的女性跟小弟弟拍拖結婚﹐ 中西文化也是一樣。

    – from your wife

  2. 倪震只是四張左右,有女友但不是已婚男人,泡少女也不是那麼大的問題吧。很多和他同齡的男人,不知幾羨慕他呢。


  3. 最經典的例子,八十二歲的楊振寧娶二十八歲的碩士生。



  4. It happened 10 (?) years ago, a mid 30’s medical doctor (CBC) who was practised in Mount Sanai hospital here in Toronto falled in love with an 70’s old lady. They got married and last for at least 3 years, we knew that time span because Fairchild TV followed the unusual case.

  5. 都唔明翁帆貪楊振寧有乜好﹐Nobel Prize Winner都唔係好有錢﹐如果有幾億身家就話者。

    Something is really wrong with that CBC doctor, maybe someone should give him a psycho-analyze and prescribe some drugs to cure his mental problem.

  6. 小龍女配楊過會讓你覺得噁心嗎? 很多人覺得他們的戀情很美麗吧!

    關鍵是什麼? 第一 小龍女純真不懂世事, 不會讓人有千錘百鍊, 精明能幹老妖女的感覺. 第二 小龍女保養功夫極好, 外表比同年紀的人年輕許多

    同樣的道理放到現實社會來看, 如果一個老女人(比男伴年紀相較), 內心保有純潔天真, 外表保養得當, 和男伴看起來很登對, 我想不出有什麼理由會讓人覺得噁心, 除非你一開始就覺得小龍女和楊過配很變態.

    另外, 你比較不能接受年紀相差一個世代的夫老妻配(糟蹋男方), 我猜是因為男女觀點不同吧! 我比較不能接受少老夫少婦配(糟蹋女方).

  7. 天山童姥是典型的”少女外表+老妖女內在”, 劇情上不是也安排一個少年(虛竹)被她擺佈得服服貼貼的嗎? 我猜想, 男性會覺得噁心的原因, 會不會是對自己站在下風, 沒有掌控權反而被擺佈, 而覺得不舒服呢? 女孩被服從管制的話, 至少可得到柔順乖巧的美名. 並且以青春肉體當交換條件來說, 妓女的歷史還是比牛郎的悠遠, 和老夫少妻或少夫老妻這個議題一樣, 因為歷史背景導致接受度和觀感有差.

    我的重點是, 少夫老妻只是一個族群的大分類, 有些配對令人不舒服, 有些則不, 可以更深入細部的看.

    我的部落格閒逛就此打住, 我要趕報告了.

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