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The problem of social organization is how to set up an arrangement under which greed will do the least harm, capitalism is that kind of a system. — Milton Friedman



1st May 2012 165 0 電視
m224443096 隨著「盛女愛作戰」連同撈水尾趧拍的「盛女駕到」播映完畢,盛女熱潮終於暫告一個段落。作為無記有史以來第一個真人騷,再加上剩女找不到老公這個敏感話題,這個節目人氣大熱可說是意料中事。無記的基本盤師奶觀眾愛看,被標簽為剩女的一群更是邊鬧邊看,社會上各大小知識份子也乘機抽水,連帶只要會寫字的人也都在臉書或博客各抒已見一番。…


14th Jul 2009 120 5 生活隨筆
塵世何處覓知音 馬不停蹄尋佳人 可愛伊人近咫尺 姻緣天賜定終生 這首詩每句的第一個字組合成我老婆的名字﹐原本寫來備準結婚當日接新娘用﹐可惜玩新郎環節玩印度主題﹐這首詩沒有機會用。可惜﹐可惜。…

Age difference

9th Dec 2008 248 13 Daily Scribble
People say love should overcome difference in religion, race, age or even gender. There should be no different in religion and race, since those are artificial difference not compatible with modern society. I am always against homosexuals…


3rd May 2005 26 0 Daily Scribble
For a person almost at the age thirty still remaining in single seems a bit unusual these days. A friend of mine at work unfortunately falls within this category. When the group get together and run out of topic, the focus will somehow always shift…