New Year Resolution 2009

Last year, I did not make any new year resolution. My attitude towards new year resolution swings between two extremes. In some years, I think it is a great motivator, but in other years, I think it is totally useless. Last year I have accomplished quite a few things. My biggest accomplishment was becoming a married man, moved on into the next stage of life. The next biggest accomplishment is that I spent almost 3 months working in India. It’s tough, but it is really an eye opener. I haven’t accomplish anything after I move in with Pat in the last two months. Probably that’s why I am feeling anguish recently. In order to find peace in mind, I should start making a plan for 2009. Here is my to-do list for the coming year.

– Have a baby
(Oh well, this one is out of my control)

– Write the PMP exam
(hopefully, the company is paying for it)

– Take CSIA level 2 exam
(I might fail, but I still want to try)

– Get the hunter license
(I just need 1 weekend free time, probably do it after the ski season)

– Take one philosophy course per term
(my challenge is to find a quiet study time)

– Practice shooting once a week
(probably lack of shooting practice is another reason why I am feeling anguish)

– Learn how to maintain my AR-15 first, so that I can try it.
(haven’t touch it since I got it)

– Upgrade the WordPress installation in
(my blog system is really out of date)

– Toronto trip in May for Leon’s wedding

– HK/Asia trip in X’mas for Mingwai’s wedding

– More India travel (?)

– Balance my TV/anime/movie/books appetite
(In 2008, I only read 15 books and watched 17 anime and 45 movies/TV)

– Stop wasting time watching Fairchild TV every night.

– Write blog everyday!

8 thoughts on “New Year Resolution 2009”

  1. 我去年買了很多書,但由頭看到尾的,只有兩本,一本講日本軍國主義,另一本係音樂書。



  2. Watching Fairchildtv is not wasting your time. Sometimes they interview me about the market which could benefit your portfolio performance….

    and start at Jan/4/2009, you could view the Salt and Light Catholic program across Canada at Fairchildtv in which you learn some real stories…..

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