Gapping the generation gap

Yesterday, Pat’s church choir held a hot pot dinner social gathering event. Although I am not part of the choir, I tagged along as the choir director’s husband and the choir side kick for putting away the microphone after mass every week. I shared a table with several guys from the choir. Most of them are still in university. I almost a decade older than them and I afraid I may have generation gap with them. At the end, I mixed pretty well with them without feeling bored at all for the whole night. The topics of conversation is quite geeky, we talked about sci-fi TV series and movies. We had some in-depth discussion on the history of Firefly, Star Trek, Battle Star Galatica and Star Gates. We also talk about the latest development of Heros. To my surprise, the younger generation is less passionate about Star Wars than my generation. I guess the prequel really trashed the Star Wars brand by leaving a bad impression on those come to know it the first time.

I like watching sci-fi, but sometimes I feel like I am just wasting my time watching TV. It turns out those time I spent sitting in front of the TV is not wasted after all. Other than the enjoyment I get from watching the show per se, the useless trivial knowledge are handy conversation materials with acquaintances. Common interesting bonds people together. If I don’t have general knowledge on sci-fi TV culture, I will totally left out of the chat last night. The young guys may think I am just a weird middle age man.

7 thoughts on “Gapping the generation gap”

  1. i was working with a 18 yro the other day. got along with her ok but at times our age gap really showed……i guess useless trivial knowledge works ok with guys, but with girls, i almost felt as if i was playing sugar daddy. pretty scary stuff……

  2. What’s your and the guys’ take on Heroes? You like it? The series has become quite badly written. We loved the first two seasons but lately, to be blunt, it is rubbish.

    Don’t know if you want Desperate Housewives with Pat when it first came out? The series was great but then the creator/writer left and the story slowly sucked. Eventually it sucked so badly we stopped watching it at all. Heroes is on the same path. Sad.

  3. tzigane: maybe you can talk about fashion with the young girl.

    kempton: season 3 really sucks, but the season 4 (now showing) is much better. The screen writer of season 1 come back.

    I didn’t watch desperate housewives, it’s a not a guy show.

  4. So you don’t want anything other than a typical “guy show”? How limited. Then no Sex and the City for you too, right?

    Season 4 Heroes 看到我媽媽叉叉! We will be quiting the show soon. The latest episode, mom making fake ID, oh, give me a break. And the underwater kiss scene, I knew they were going to do something like that long ago. bad bad.

  5. I would say trivia knowledge works well when entering /meeting new people. for long shot, as Tzigane mentioned above, the generation gap would show.

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